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Child CustodyGetting a Divorce? You Shouldn’t Go Through It Alone

Whether you are anxious to get a divorce or are upset at your partner’s choices regarding your marriage, divorce is difficult. It can put a strain on your emotions, your children, your finances, and other aspects of your life. However, when you work with a qualified Midvale, UT child custody lawyer, everything will go a little more smoothly, and you’ll have someone to help you at every step of the way.

The last thing you want is for your children to have to know the stress of divorce, but sometimes it’s necessary. The child custody lawyers at Haskins James law understand that, and treat all divorce and custody cases with the utmost care. We’ll speed up the process whenever possible to ensure that your children aren’t subjected to more anxiety than is necessary.

Fighting for Custody Arrangements

If, after your divorce, you don’t believe that your spouse is qualified to take care of your children, the child custody lawyers in Midvale, UT can help you make sure that your kids will always be safe by working to give you full custody. At Haskins James Law, we want children to be in a healthy environment, so we will do whatever we can to make sure that the case comes out in your favor.

On the flipside, if someone is unjustifiably trying to take full custody of your kids, we will fight for them so you can have the parent time you deserve. We believe in keeping families strong, so we can help you gather proof that you are a capable parent.

Settling Custody Disputes

If, while you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you don’t agree with the custody arrangements, the child custody lawyers at Haskins James Law are ready and willing to provide legal support in settling these issues, whether or not you have to attend court.

Additionally, we can help draft up custody plans that might allow you and your ex-spouse to compromise with the custody and parent time arrangements, thus facilitating an easier transition for the children involved. During all our child custody cases, we always keep the children in mind and try our best to do what’s right for them.

Getting the Legal Help and Representation You Need

Finding the right child custody lawyer in Midvale, UT can be difficult, but Haskins James Law wants to show you that we will fight for you and your children to the best of our abilities. To schedule a risk-free consultation with a child custody lawyer, call Haskins James Law today!

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