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DUI Lawyer Midvale, UT

Being charged with a DUI is a nightmare for millions of drivers all across the U.S. who don’t know the drunk-driving laws in their state. In such cases, getting the best legal representation in a timely manner is a must, especially if you hope to obtain a reduced penalty. How can a Midvale, UT, DUI lawyer make things easier for drivers charged with DUI? A Utah DUI lawyer

– Can provide useful legal advice, allowing drivers to understand their legal rights and grasp the mechanisms of the legal system in Utah
– Can discuss the particularities of the DUI case, presenting different options and predicting a probably outcome, based on real facts
– Can challenge sobriety test results
– Can help the driver obtain minimized penalties while negotiating a plea bargain

• A great legal representation ensured by a competent professional can make all the difference in the world for an individual charged with DUI. Because of its severe implications, drunk driving is a serious crime associated with significant penalties in all 50 states.

• Did you know that in Utah a 3rd DUI offence is automatically considered a felony? Are you aware of the fact that a second offense triggers a minimum jail time of no less than 10 days (and 2 days in jail for the first DUI offence). Not to mention that there are other types of penalties involved, including suspended license and considerable fines. A potential refusal to take the test would only make things worse for the driver, triggering a

– License suspension for 18 months for first-time DUI offenders
– License suspension for 3 years for second and third offence

How can a Utah Midvale DUI attorney help drivers obtain reduced drunk-driving penalties?

Navigating through the legal system can be quite a challenge for most drivers charged with DUI, especially for first-timers. Fortunately, Midvale UT DUI attorneys can turn things around for most of their clients by helping them receive minimized penalties. How does this work?

– Drivers can obtain reduced penalties by pleading to a lesser offense. A competent lawyer can turn a DUI conviction into a “wet reckless driving” conviction in a particular set of circumstances when:

a) The amount of blood alcohol detected after performing BAC tests is borderline illegal
b) The diver hasn’t been charged with any other offenses
c) The drunk-driving episode did not result in an accident
If you count on the best Utah DUI lawyers, you can rest at ease knowing that your legal representatives won’t have a hard time trying to negotiate a plea bargain in your favor.

– In Utah, first-time offenders have the chance to avoid serious legal penalties (jail time, community work) with help from an experienced Midvale UT DUI lawyer who can easily help them receive minimized penalties (suspended license plus home confinement or participation in DUI educational programs/substance abuse treatment programs).

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