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Understanding Your Alimony Rights & Responsibilities

Alimony paymentIf you are considering or going through a divorce, the subject of alimony is likely to arise. Alimony, called spousal support in some other states, is an amount of money paid by one spouse to another during separation or divorce proceedings, and/or after a divorce is finalized. You may be required to pay or entitled to receive alimony, so it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities in this regard.

For the past 40 years, Haskins James has served the needs of families throughout the greater Salt Lake area in all areas of family law and divorce, including alimony. Laws change and precedents are set by new cases, but we remain abreast of these changes to ensure the full protection of our clients’ rights.

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Determining Factors in Awarding Alimony

While divorcing or separating spouses may come to their own agreement regarding alimony, if the court is involved, it will consider specific factors when awarding alimony. The court may award alimony on a temporary basis while a divorce is pending, or it may award a longer term of alimony after a divorce is finalized.

In determining alimony, the court will consider:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living experienced during the marriage
  • The recipient spouse’s earning capacity, financial condition, and needs
  • The paying spouse’s ability to pay support, based on income, debt, and obligations
  • The child custody arrangement, if there are children involved
  • Any contributions made by the recipient spouse to the business/career of the paying spouse

Fault may also affect alimony. The court’s decision may be influenced if either party committed:

  • Adultery
  • Domestic violence
  • Financial misconduct

Experienced Alimony Help in Midvale & Salt Lake County

The determination of alimony can be challenging, presenting complex financial issues and also situations where both spouses are fighting tooth and nail to protect their livelihood. As Midvale alimony attorneys with extensive experience in this area, we can take an objective approach. We can carefully document everything that supports your case and present it, we can negotiate with your spouse’s attorney, and we can protect your interests in court.

Our team handles high-asset divorce, contested and uncontested divorce proceedings, and modifications of alimony, as well as all other family law matters in West Jordan, West Valley City, South Jordan, Sandy, and the surrounding areas.

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