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We do not enter a marriage expecting or hoping that it will end, but life is unexpected and at times divorce is the only answer. If you are in the early stages of considering divorce or separation, or if you have already been served divorce papers by your spouse, you can benefit from involving an experienced attorney.

Divorcing coupleAt Haskins James, we handle all types of divorces for clients across Salt Lake County. This includes:

We realize that these are emotionally draining circumstances that have significant personal and financial implications. Every option and its consequence must be considered. With our decades of family law and divorce experience in Utah, not to mention our complete commitment to our clients’ best interests, we are here to help when you need it most. You can face a brighter post-divorce future, if you have the right legal representation.

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What Do I Need to Handle During Divorce?

In any divorce, you will need to address issues that are often difficult to tackle. You may have very strong opinions on some issues and may not care about others, but every part of your divorce may influence your life now and for years into the future. You need to be certain that your interests are protected, and your goals considered.

We can help you face every aspect of your divorce head on, including:

Does Adultery Affect a Divorce?

In Utah, adultery is one of the grounds for a fault divorce. Though filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery will not expedite your divorce process, it may tip the scales in favor of the non-offending party when it comes to property division and spousal support.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Utah?

A divorce in Utah takes at least 90 days. Once you file for divorce, there’s a mandatory 90-day waiting period. The waiting period can sometimes be waived, but only for extreme circumstances. Once the 90 days are up, a judge will sign the divorce decree and your divorce will be finalized.

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From gathering and presenting financial information in an uncontested divorce to fighting for fair alimony in a high net worth divorce, our Midvale divorce lawyers have the skill and resources to seek a fair outcome on your behalf.

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